• "Continuing our care at Well Pathways, LLC"
    Paul APRN
  • "I have been a patient of SilverArcAPN for the past year. From the first day I arrived I found the team very helpful and understanding of my personal needs. Paul is a real professional with real solutions to my health concerns. The alternative care I found at SilverArc has helped me heal physically and mentally and I have nothing but praise for the entire team. Thank you for your help!"
  • "Paul impressed me with his sincerity, willingness to go above and beyond to help. I have been struggling with opioid addiction for 13+ years, Paul has helped me quit and ease the pain of withdrawal after I was ready. His expertise and care enabled me to continue to work and be there for my family even during the worst part of the withdrawal stage."
  • "Paul's warmth and knowledge is so refreshing. Many areas of my life were affected by pain. I can now enjoy and engage with many more experiences for longer periods without worry that later I will be sore."
  • "Paul has helped me get off medication that I have been on for years. I appreciated his kind and understanding approach to everything he knows."
  • "Paul saved my daughters life."
  • "I was a heroin addict for the past 7 years and have been to 5 treatment centers 3 sober living facilities and couldn't stop using. My mom found Paul Kapsar and I have been taking Vivitrol for the past year and have completely stopped using. Paul has impacted my life by being available and keeping me on track. Every month I get my injection he is easy to open up to and always wants to help."
  • "I am a recovering addict. Vivitrol has given me an added safety net to help me become a normal and productive member of society. Paul has taken the time to get to know me. He's attentive to my needs and is always willing to try to accomodate them."
    Jeff S.
  • "Paul impressed me with this vast amount of medical and hollistic knowledge. I was beyond impressed with his authenticity and personalization to my care.

    I am a drug addict and learned about Vivitrol while I was in treatment. The day before I was discharged I called Paul and made an appointment to have Vivitrol implemented in my recovery. My recovery has been extra rock solid knowing I have the protection of Vivitrol.

    Paul is so much more than a provider he is a mentor for a healthy lifestyle and spiritual living."
    Monica C.
  • "Since working with Paul, my home life has become more stable and I have been able to start mending those relationships."
    Michael E.
  • "Im feeling much better today, throat blockage is gone and rash is almost gone just some drainage and congestion. The silverstat worked better than the rx cream on the rash. Tell Paul thanks so much! Im so grateful for both of you."