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Guidance for NP Students wishing to use Paul Kapsar APRN and SilverArc APN as mentor & practice site

As much as I would love to Mentor - life has changed and the volume of this practice does not support your learning needs

How do I get set up as a student with Paul

Paul recognizes the current challenges of finding a preceptorship for students. Paul has been receiving many requests from students to be a preceptor and then choose not to come for any number of reasons. This takes up time for the staff to gather all the information etc etc etc .... To provide a discriminator for you, and me, and to minimize staff time cost I created this “course” and at $10 provides you with all the information you need to see if Paul and SilverArc APN is a fit for you and your goals as a student.

Before you sign up and pay SEMESTER FALL 2018 I have one confirmed student for physical assessment.

Once you have covered the access cost, you will enter the "course" where I have set up a number of videos for you to watch. These describe the Wellness practice, patient types you can anticipate, and who Paul is. Once the video guidance is reviewed - I was going to have a quiz but.... Additionally in the second lesson you will be able to obtain and download what you need for the school ; my CV, NV License, and board certification, etc.

Once you have reviewed this information send your CV, school contact information, and preceptor agreement to my office manager at schedule@silverarcapn.com then call  702-586-5060 and set up an appointment with Paul.

I look forward to assisting you in your educational journey