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Recently I have been talking to a number of patient about their triggers and their relapse concerns. It takes significant effort, attention, meditation, and sometimes medications to transmute those impulses into a positive healthy response. I had a really odd thing happen today. I was driving down the street and a Coca Cola truck pulled out in front of me. I Immediately needed to go buy a Coke. I knew I was severely triggered but was very puzzled as to why and how this would play out. I was heading to the grocery store so it was going to be easy to do. So What? Why are you writing about such a silly mundane thing. I HAVE NOT HAD A Coca Cola IN OVER 5 (maybe 10) YEARS. I do NOT LIKE COLA drinks yet I had an overwhelming need to go purchase and consume a Coca Cola. At the grocery store I looked at all the brands of cola including the one cola I drink when caffeine free root beer is not available but none of the others peaked my interest. I grabbed a bottle of Coca Cola, made my purchases, and HAD to open it and start consuming it ON THE WAY to the car! I was able to drink it slowly and was really satisfied when I finished and have no desire to have another. Why was I so intently and consciously aware I was being triggered? I really do not know. I only drink one cup of tea daily and I had done that so I doubt it was caffeine need, I was hydrated and had my water bottle with me. As best I can tell is when my brain saw the Coca Cola truck somewhere in my “rat brain” there is an association between the Coca Cola and some missing vitamin, mineral, or something in the mysterious Coca Cola recipe my body decided it needed RIGHT NOW. A NEED for Coca Cola is benign but… We all need to be vigilant and continue to connect with our support system when we experience unexpected triggers.

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