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For best results, do the psoas release first. Click here! With thumb behind the top of the ear lobe where it connects to cartilage, and index finger opposite at the front of the ear, on both sides, traction the ears in a 45 degree angle down and out, like staking a tent. Using the weight of a nickel or less, traction until you feel a sensation of heat or relaxation. Under your jaw, (mandible) find the two notches, one on both left and right sides of your face. Again, with the weight of a nickel or less, intend your jaw is moving towards the top of your head. When you feel signs of release, or one minute, whichever comes first, move on to the final step. Find the spaces on the top of the same jaw bone (mandible) behind your teeth, and with the weight of a nickel or less, intend your jaw is moving straight towards your feet, if you were standing up. Continue for one minute or until signs of release. I recommend twice daily, unless tension or discomfort are present, and then I add additional sequences as needed.

Still need some relief then it is time to schedule an appointment at Knots Unwound - 702-463-7707!

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