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The Sinclair Method and Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence and addiction has caused mankind many challenges throughout history. Many leaders have been impaired or felled by alcohol over the centuries. In the US a constitutional amendment was created ad passed to control alcohol consumption in this country. It failed miserably and was repealed. The main stream thought for alcohol consumption issues is to completely stop alcohol consumption. The belief is if you do not take the first drink you will never get on the slippery slope to severe alcoholism and the plethora of negative outcomes. This method works for a number of people but for others the cravings remain strong. These cravings can be moderated or controlled by naltrexone oral tablet that is taken daily, or naltrexone ER an injectable medication lasting 30 days. Counseling is considered mandatory for success. John David Sinclair PhD presented a ground breaking and quite controversial program he called The Sinclair Method (TSM) it is a treatment for alcohol addiction that uses a technique called pharmacological extinction. The effect returns a person cravings for alcohol to it’s pre-addiction state. TSM is reported to be effective for 78% of the people using it. TSM consists of taking naltrexone one hour before your first drink of the day for the rest of your life as long as you are drinking. Naltrexone chemically disrupts your body’s behavior reward cycle causing you to want to drink less instead of more. - As you can imagine telling an alcoholic to continue drinking remains controversial in most treatment circles. I first heard about TSM from a patient many years ago. I was not in a position to assist that particular patient but I did start researching TSM and found it interesting. A number of years later I began woking in addiction and at about the same time Claudia Christian, an actress previously known to me, and many in SciFi geekdom, from her powerful role as Commander Susan Ivanova in the series Babylon 5, was beginning to discuss her journey with alcohol addiction via the C3 Foundation. The C 3 Foundation has many resources to assist those who need the care to understand the process and obtain the care that works for them. I have a number of patents from around the country who tell their friend “I’m going to Vegas for a few days.” and while here come to me for their Sinclair visit. I have testimonials from them telling how life improving TSM has been for them.

"Paul, I just wanted to thank you for visiting with me about the alcoholism issue that I was facing. The naltrexone has done a wonderful job so far to kick my alcohol cravings and how much I drink when I do. It took a few days for me to see the difference but now the cravings are gone and the consumption I take in when I drink has reduced greatly. I am so grateful that I was able to find someone to talk to about this method (you and SilverArc APN staff) and can’t thank you enough. It has been a rough past dealing with the alcoholism and now I have found something that is truly working vs treatment centers and AA that I have tried in the past. I just wanted to give you a update on how I am doing and also a BIG thank you for your hospitality and giving me a shot at trying The Sinclair Method. Silverarc was a pleasant and wonderful experience and wish that all places were as kind hearted and caring as you all were to me. I look forward to visiting with you and the staff in the future and can’t thank you enough, you have truly changed my life for the better and feel blessed that I ran across Silverarc and the sinclair method when researching cures for alcoholism."

With great appreciation, BV

If you are concerned that alcohol may be more in control of your life than you are you need to schedule your appointment for care as soon as possible. SilverArc APN 702-586-5060

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