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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep, Sleep Sleep ……”I have things to do. I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a famous movie line regularly restated by the tough guys in the movies. What they don't tell you is by following this belief system that way will get them to their eternal sleep a lot faster than taking time now to stop and let our bodies recharge for reasonable period. Recent studies show the life span of those sleep deprived is shorter than those well rested. The likelihood of developing diabetes is elevated, and the chance of dying in a motor vehicle crash or industrial accident are at high risk. Some of us think we sleep really well and enough time but we wake up as tired as the we went to sleep. We “feel like we are walling through molasses in February all day every day.” (I’m from the East and February is typically the coldest month.) Our mind is unconscious but since our body needs to wake up many times a minute to breathe we are truly never asleep. Does your bed partner leave you with bruised ribs because you snore and keep them awake? Do you spend your day going: Wow that was a really really weird dream, or Oh Yeah I forgot to do that again, or oops I was reading and fell asleep in the chair, or I stopped at the stoplight and woke up when the guy behind me blared his horn? IF YOU HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL you need to PARK YOUR CAR until you get an evaluation AND TREATMENT. Take the right step and make an appointment to see us TODAY.

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