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Tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping is a system utilizing acupressure points, physical movement and eventually, affirmative statement. Traditionally, we tap out the stuff that isn't working for us, and then we tap in the things we choose for ourselves. Generally speaking, if we don't recognize there is a problem, it makes it tougher to change to something better. I find there have been times just tapping around the points, something comes out of my mouth that is the deeper issue. That "aha" moment, that allows me to truly release the area of stuckness. I finish by tapping for my greater good. This can be done as often as necessary. Recently, I found the blessing daily tapping on Pinterest and have been loving it! I've incorporated it as part of my gratitude practice in the morning. Just say what comes into your head, tap and enjoy the clarity and peace and freedom that allows you to move forward. Check the calendar for classes on tapping and other daily practice. Kelly Kapsar, LMT

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