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As someone from “back East”, with four clearly defined seasons, it is somewhat challenging in mid-May to consider that official Summer in Las Vegas is still over a month in the future. As I write this is it 85 degrees - Well into summer temperatures back home (but without the humidity of course!). Las Vegas average June temperature is between 72 and 99 degrees with recorded lows of 33 and high of 115. Summer time in Las Vegas can be harsh on us humans. Regardless of skin tone we burn, our daily fluid and electrolyte loss to sweat (not that we notice because our clothes dry so fast), and breathing during the heat will require regular replacement. I tell folks from humid areas that visit it is necessary to drink about 3 times more fluids than they drink at home just to stay even with their normal fluid loss. Exercise such as hiking the local trails or Red Rock will require even more. The amount of fluid needed varies by body side and exercise for instance 150 lb person doing 20 minutes of exercise will require almost 3 liters of water as a baseline. Your amounts may vary. There area. Number of fluid calculators on the net such as this Electrolyte drinks or water? Most of us have been hammered with commercials about electrolyte replacement “...aide” drinks. These have high sugars amounts and depending on the amount of free water in your systems may actually dehydrate your cells. So first replace with water then add electrolytes. Our office carries DripDrop - an oral rehydrating solution that has half the sugar and 3 times the electrolytes of the popular “...ade” drinks. It is designed to hydrate the cells as well as the heart, veins, and arteries. Sunshine in summer Las Vegas is harsh enveloping us with UV index average of 10.5 with a narrow range from a high of 12 to a low of 9. (See below for EPA recommendations). The companies that sell sunscreens have frightened the willies out of us to the extent most of us huge from the sun all the time or load up on so much chemical laden sun screens we really do not get enough UV-B to allow for the conversion of Vitamin D in out skin to happen. This leaves us Vitamin D deficient and moody, depressed, at risk for a host of negative consequences. It is very necessary to take precautions to avoid burning but you must balance healthy protection with adequate UV-B to build up a supply of Vitamin D. The highest intensity of UV-B is between 10am and 4pm. So limit your uncovered skin to times outside of this timeframe. If you want to know more about the UV index see the EPA’s site Still not sure? Join our wellness program, get your assessments, and let us assist you in understanding your requirements and risks.

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