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Substance use care - Why SilverArc APN?

When doing a formal document one is supposed to talk in the third person such as “This writer”, or “this investigator” or any number of distancing words to make your words professional. Health care providers are educated to “keep your professional distance”, which is frequently interpreted as being cold and aloof by the provider, to maintain therapeutic distance. Every profession has ethical standards and it is important to not step over the boundaries established by these standards as observing these standards is important to prevent the care giver from taking advantage of the cared for and to prevent the cared for from manipulating the care giver into an untenable position. At SilverArc APN we observe the ethical standards in letter and spirit while treating the individual under care as a real, important, individual person. So far it has been an interesting journey. People with substance use issues, are used to being treated as less than, have developed a personal belief they are less than, have developed much shame and guilt in their lives. I, now switching to my way of presenting, believe it is important to meet people where they are and treat them as people not numbers. People showing up the first time to become patients have found this confusing. “Everywhere else they go for care they are cajoled, bumped, delayed, and treated like just another number.” We have a friendly front desk/ office manager, Andi who greats everyone like a long lost friend. Of course she talks about the money but it is a smooth considerate conversation. Then she assists you in all the rest of the necessary upfront work. If you arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time you will see Paul Kapsar APRN (me) on time. I have done substance use care long enough to understand if you are sitting in front of me you have had a challenging time, have been judged, shammed, and berated. My view is “you are smart enough to be here sitting in front of me, asking for assistance.“ it is not my place to judge. I may ask a lot of embarrassing questions but they are asked to ensure I have all the information to best assist you on your road to recovery. Your initial assessment including physical typically last forty five to sixty minutes. Once I know what your needs are, we, together develop your care plan. Are you suitable for our outpatient program? Do you have the necessary support to be in an outpatient program? Do you need withdrawal management (detox)? What is the duration of your care needs. Then there is some more paperwork so allow up to 2 hours overall in your schedule for the day. Our program consists of as many visits with Paul as needed for the time frame, up to six counseling sessions with an experienced substance counselor, and aftercare individual meetings weekly plus group meetings every second and fourth Saturday managed by Scott our after care coordinator. I am not sure of the reason but many of those who arrive in our center have been to other programs and have followed a particular treatment protocol using various step programs and have decided those programs do not fit their needs. While we understand and respect the step programs they are not the foundation of our after care and group programs. Book discussions, meditation, Reiki, focused or group generated topical discussion, structured work, and spirituality are all elements of the overall program. In my exam room I have an award winning poster by Joshua Levin PhD called the Trickster. The Trickster represents an entity that creates change, change of perception, change of thought, change of perspective. The change created by the Trickster may be good or bad, easy or hard, fun or challenging. Our job is to assist you in finding the change needed in your life and assisting you to navigate your path to find your new best self. Call 702 586 5060 to set up the opportunity to create and follow your new path.

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