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Skills can be fun to learn. Recently I became sort of obsessed with bath bombs and bath truffles. I had gotten some bath products that I really loved. Made my skin feel fabulous, helped allow me greater relaxation. However, I didn't love all the ingredients, and so the search was on to find the perfect for me combination. I liked the moisturizing bath stuff, but bath melts sounded like too much. The fizzy bath bombs were fun once, but not enough to make me want to have many more. Finally, after about 20 pins on Pinterest, I found a combination of ingredients that sounded perfect. It was called a bath truffle. I ended up making some, using powdered goats milk, baking soda, Epsom salts, honey, almond oil and Essential oils. I'm playing with the proportions of ingredients, so far I like the ones made with more baking soda.... with these, I have learned a new skill, gained some knowledge. And I am having fun. How do we gain wisdom as well? I believe wisdom comes from within. We get the skills and knowledge, but then there is something indescribable that happens. Somehow, we just know. One of the ways I do this is by learning to listen to my body. If I tune in, it will let me know the correct choice for me. If my body feels more tense contemplating a certain action, that is not the best one for me. If my body feels looser and freer, that is the correct answer for me and my highest and best good. The problem is, sometimes the best answer for me is not aligned with what others want for me. Come join us Thursday May 25th, 6:30-8 pm to learn how to tap into your inner wisdom, your inner knowing. Click Here to purchase your ticket.

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