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You have heard and read me most talk about addiction and pain care. While these ways of caring are very important especially in this time of “Opiate Crisis” and the dangerous effects I want you to be aware that Addiction and pain are not the bulk of what we do here at SilverArc APN. As a Family Nurse Practitioner I can assist you in most of your care needs. I generally do not care of children nor do I do women health as there are others more qualified to care for those needs. What I do excel at is listening to your concerns and frustrations. Many of my patient have been to see numerous other providers and are not satisfied with the attention and response they received from the practice. By listening to your concerns I can discover your root problems and assist in resolving many symptoms by caring for the origin of the problem bothering you. Once you have knowledge you will see the world of your wellness differently. When I ask some people about their basic understanding of the physical concern it turns out they have never been educated on the basic of their problem and the “things it causes.” For example if you are diabetic and have high triglycerides the best way to get them into normal range is to work to bring your daily blood glucose to a normal range. You will likely need some medication, or herbal supplements to assist but the amounts of medication are less if you have normal range sugar you reduce the likelihood of other complication of diabetes.

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