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Resistance is Futile - The Borg Star Trek Next Generation * Resistance is Inevitable - Mark Crislip MD - The Pus Whisperer ** Resistance is Silly - Paul Kapsar after beginning to understand essential oils! I have been steeped in “Western Medicine” for at least 45 year. When something was wrong “there was a pill for that.” Food was not medicine, mustard plasters were old world useless junk, chamomile tea was a silly herb. Essential Oils those were only in the foo foo spas and made a room smell good had no therapeutic value. Oops … silly me. Because there were no approved “western Medicine” resources, or at least none that could be easily found there were no known medical uses for essential oils. That moved the users of essential oils for care to the FRINGE groups. We all have those AhHA moments eventually. When I moved into Kelly office a number of years ago I began hearing about the benefits of essential oils. She was a massage therapist so what would she know??! I did pay attention somewhat but never really did any research. After worlds flipped and Kelly and I got married I had a cough and a wheeze that I could not control with the usual medications. Kelly, still pretty new in my life, “slathered” my chest in peppermint essential oils. To my shock my cough and wheeze went away within about 3 minutes. My silly resistance crumpled. It was time to start paying attention to these essential oils. More on that process later More recently I dinged by back. I have some of those disc problems many of us have and I started walking “wobbly”. I chose not to use any pain meds and just work through the problem using my essential oils like wintergreen and peppermint. I am aware Kelly does an essential oil treatment called Raindrop that contains 14 different essential oils. I asked her to try a modified Raindrop on me. To my delight after doing the treatment every day for 5 days I got out of the car at the grocery store and be-bopped across the parking lot Like I was brand new. I had no pain or discomfort. Was it the oils? Was it the psoas release Kelly did? Was it just time? I have my belief in which it is but the resistance from the mainstream medical community suggests I say maybe a bit of each. Overall I feel better and it took a lot less time than another time I was in discomfort and taking opiates and anti-inflammatory medications for almost a year. Back to the research. I was amazed to find there are significant volumes on the organic chemistry of essential oils and aroma therapy, Essential oils have been used for centuries all over the world, that essential oil use is a mandatory course in the French medical schools, and essential oils are bio-pharmaceutical active - they have effects on the body( a note here: FDA limits claims that can be made about essential oils to generalities as no official FDA approved studies of essential oils have been completed that ‘prove’ essential oils are effective treatments for specific disease states or health conditions. What are relayed here are personal stories for illustrations) and most recently essential oils that are 100% therapeutic have a quantum level characteristics. What? You ask. It means natural, 100% therapeutic grade, essential oils have qualities and effects beyond the smell and physical sensations they elicit. To choose your oils wisely call us or schedule your appointment and let us guide you. 702-586-5060 Reference Links * **

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