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PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is the current acronym for a condition that for a long time was only considered to be present in those who have been in high intensity military combat. It had names like ‘Shell Shock’, ‘Combat Fatigue’, and a host of others. Some considered it cowardice and the soldiers were reprimanded and demoted for it - watch the movie Patton. The military struggled and continues to struggle with the best way of treating this entity. The degree of success in treatment varies but the effects are well known and the unmanaged consequences have a sad predictability. Who gets PTSD, what severity of PTSD an individual develops, and the ease or success of treatment are difficult to predict in the military environment despite many decades of research. Some individuals in a given setting become debilitated during the action, others do their important work under fire but developed PTSD later, while others in the same setting have done incredible things and show no significant degree of long term debility. PTSD has only recently been recognized as psychological diagnosis in in “non-combat” situations. I have quoted non-combat in that is only means it is not in a military setting. If your neighborhood is on the corner of gang fights and random drive by shooting and you are a bystander the likelihood of your body and brain feeling like they are in military level combat is high. Here is Las Vegas we had the 1 October shooting, the multiple school shootings across the country, airplanes fall out of the sky into shopping malls, club shootings, and The Boston Marathon bombing of a few years ago are events that are of such intensity as to generate internal conditions leading to PTSD development. Those who have been abused physically, mentally, or sexually likely have had their personal sense of self security removed creating a constant stress in the body and mind. Remember body mind and spirit are one, despite some healthcare providers treating them as if they are completely separate from each other. A loss of personal security and safety has led many down the path of medication and alcohol use, then later to a substance use disorders (what we used to call dependence and addiction). One aspect of PTSD treatment is the need to remove mood and mind altering substance from the body and mind to allow clarity to develop. A mind and body clouded with substances and medication can never process what needs revealed and healed. Once a clear head is allowed and some degree of sense of self security and safety is restored it is easier to begin recovery. PTSD care requires a team. We have a team of caregivers to assist or to accept your continued care as appropriate. Kelly has developed a program addressing trauma from a unique perspective. Kelly will be discussing her Revealers Journey and the retreat program she has developed using a different care path. See her announcement (here)

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