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Psoas Release

Lay on your back, knee's in the air, feet flat on the surface. Put your attention on your low back, ask "Does one side feel warmer or cooler than the other?" "Does one side feel heavier or lighter than the other?" "Does the arch feel the same from side to side?" Put your hands on your hips, and put your attention on your psoas' (they know who they are) and invite them to lengthen. As they lengthen and release, you will feel your back relax into the surface you are laying on. Sometimes there is a warm sensation, sometimes it feels more balanced, sometimes it feels lighter. Psoas store and process grief and anger, so if your hands become clenched, or tears start running, simply breathe and let go. This happens very infrequently, and you have tools to move through if it does happen. I most frequently do this in bed for a minute or two before rolling over to go to sleep. Others have found it works best for them first thing in the morning before they get out of bed.

Find what works for you. 1-3 times per day seems to work best for most.

"Did my psoas exercise last night and this morning! Thank you, Thank you for sharing this technique with me! Looking forward to seeing you again!"

- Jamie

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