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Pandemic and the Immune system

When I find myself getting caught in the spin... I STOP and BREATHE

Hi everyone,

What a wild ride these past 10 or so days....first of all, know that you are held in my heart, and I am knowing health and wholeness and the highest and best unfoldment for each of you and your loved ones.wholeness and the highest and best unfoldment for each of you and your loved ones. Second, the best way to increase your immune system, and therefore decrease chances of the corona virus and other cold/flu, disease things to find to reduce your stress levels....and obviously follow the CDC/WHO guidelines. These are some of my favorite ways .....(in no particular order) Consciously breathe....all the way in, all the way out, at least once an hour...did I say this? It bears repeating.... Be on my BioMat in prayer/meditation/connecting practice. Get ahold of me if you want to own your own BioMat. Pet and purr with Kenya and Safari. Listen and sing with uplifting and inspiring songs...sometimes just one, sometimes a whole playlist...this weeks song is “Walk by Faith” by Melissa Phillippe and Z Egloff....based on the story of Harriet Tubman. Check them out at “Oh My God Life” on YouTube Create .... art, music, color, pottery, jewelry, dance, write, haiku’s, or hold my Instapot ;-) yogurt, applesauce, etc.... Touch always reduces my stress, so lots of time just being with Paul. Young Living oils....I love my peppermint and Thieves...the smells alone reduce my stress levels. I also love the Ningxia Red products for the high nutrition levels. Go and order your oils and other stuff...use 907915 as the sponsor and enroller number. I learn something new. When I am studying, my brain gets out of the “spin” cycle because it’s “spinning” on something that actually supports me moving forward..... I make a connection with another human....maybe at this time, we reach out and call someone we love and actually talk/Skype /zoom with them. So lastly, as a way to support you, I am opening up to guidance and offering distance CranioSacral sessions as well as 7 generation healing sessions in addition to regular table sessions. 7 Generation can happen over zoom or the phone, distance CST starts with a phone call and your are in your home or other location laying comfortably. Call or go to to set a 20 minute free consultation call to find out more about how these sessions could serve you. Here’s to getting through this together and our individual and collective health and well-being. And, we are open and ready to serve you..... Deepest gratitude for all you are, all you do. Kelly ps And you know, wash your hands...maybe even repeating something like the Dune mantra about letting go of fear that Paul sent out/posted....or “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”...or any other thing that you can repeat that brings you a greater sense of peace.... pss Please let us know what you are doing that you would like to share.... Knots Unwound, llc 4560 S Eastern Ave Ste 14 LV NV 89119 702-463-7707

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