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Anxiety disorder is the most prevalent mental health issue in many western countries and here at SilverArc APN and Knots Unwound we always look at a natural remedy before writing a prescription. We have found anxiety relief in a few different formats but the CV-17 is one of my personal favorite remedies.

CV-17 is the 17th point of the Conception Vessel in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is located on the center of the sternum or breast bone, at the (original) nipple line. It helps reduce trauma and grief and it helps bring balance. To activate this point, use your index or pointer finger (either hand) and simply hold gently (like with the weight of a nickel) until a sense of ease happens. You can also use an essential oil that you find to be calming as perfume in the morning on this spot during times of increased stress. HT 9 is the 9th point on the heart line in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This does not necessarily mean that there is something going on with the actual heart it self, though it might. This point literally calms the heart when feelings of anxiety are present, when the heart might be beating faster than normal. To activate this point, find the boney bump at the pinky side of your wrist, right where your wrist bends. Hold next to the bump, ( again, with the weight of a nickel) closest to your pinky. I find it to be most effective when anxious to hold the left wrist point, though both will work well. I have observed in myself and others, that when really anxious and starting to hyperventilate, if these two points are held for a moment or two, the anxiety becomes manageable, if not gone. I use my left hand to hold the CV-17 point, and my right to hold the HT 9 point on my left wrist. It looks a little strange with elbows in the air and hands stacked holding points, but it works really well, so I find it a worthwhile practice.

These techniques used in conjunction with breathing, a healthier diet, exercise and sleep can greatly reduce anxiety attacks and anxiety symptoms.

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