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Sometime around 2004, I was introduced to the ideas of labyrinths. I was fascinated by the idea that meditation did not have to be sitting in the silence. Occasionally, my brain has been described as "busy"...and I have a more challenging time getting to the place of Oneness by sitting.

During one of these times, I walked the labyrinth in Boulder City, weekly, sometimes more. I walked in cold and heat and Las Vegas style wind and rain. I walked at night, in the morning and in the heat of the day. Over that year and a half period, I think I missed two weeks...

There is an adage associated with labyrinths, and that is "It is solved by walking".

Sometimes I go into the labyrinth with a question, sometimes a word or phrase, sometimes gratitude, sometimes the lyrics to a song.

The beauty of the labyrinth, is that there is no right or wrong way to walk, there is only your way.

I brought/bring my life-the shifting, changing, messy parts, and the joyous, celebrating exciting parts-into the labyrinth, and I always come out feeling more peaceful, more connected, more free, more possibilities than I went in with.

Is everything solved completely? Not always, however, walking solves the feeling of separation, walking solves the feeling of anxious, walking solves the feeling of not enough. Being in the elements, walking the twisty, turning path, assisted me with allowing Grace to guide the way.

I invite you to join me as I walk. I have it on my calendar monthly, please check for dates. Alternatively, find a labyrinth near you, and allow Grace to lead the way. Happy walking!

Kelly Kapsar, LMT

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