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Wisdom and Knowledge may seem to be the same thing, but not really. Knowledge comes from learning by experience, formal or informal. Its information. Wisdom is the ability to make judgments and decisions on what is right, ethical and applicable to your life. Wisdom is who we are - our character. Despite all the knowledge we may have, we may not be wise. Using knowledge that I have gained, I’m developing the wisdom to let go of things that are no longer useful to me. Having recently married, I wrestled with the idea of changing my last name. Although it was not my given name, I have had my last name for over 40 years. I was very attached to who I’ve been and who I was, but that is just it. I am no longer who I was all those years ago. I have grown in knowledge of who I am, learning many new things about myself over those years. Continuing to hold onto my previous last name distracts me from focusing my mind on the new life I plan living with my new husband. So what does changing my name have to do with my health and wellness? For me, it represents personal growth and change, and opening myself to a new life. You’re probably not going to be changing your name anytime soon, but the wisdom in letting go of things that are not applicable in your life anymore can bring new opportunities. Clean out your closet, getting rid of old clothes; clean out the closets in your mind getting rid of old ideas; clean out your body, getting rid of unhealthy habits. Don’t be afraid to let go of all the things that no longer serve you, Use your wisdom with your knowledge to grow healthier and happier. You never know what the next amazing thing is going to be!

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