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Knowledge, Skills, & Ability in Wellness

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability (KSA’s) are frequently found on job applications. You must determine and declare your KSA’s as they relate to the job or position being sought. Knowledge To function properly in a job or career you must have the theoretical knowledge required of the job. For some these are innate, acquired from an academic institution, or in specific education programs provided by the company. Skills required to perform the job, again, may be innate, learned in formal education program, or they may specifically require learning on the job. Ability The most crucial part of the KSA is Ability. If you have the first two but lack the ability to bring those elements together at the right time and place to create the desired outcome the knowledge or skills are wasted. What does this have to do with wellness, or specifically your personal wellness? As mentioned last newsletter we receive our first healthcare knowledge from our family. These truths are dear to us. Unfortunately some of this knowledge may not truly be in your best interest while some of the “old folk remedies” are being studied more scientifically and are being found to be therapeutic ‘after all.’ Some wellness choices require specialized skills, skills that are not available to be taught by the family. This informal knowledge and missing skills may lead to a lack, or misapplied, ability to manage specific aspects of health and wellness. We here at SilverArc APN & Knots Unwound have developed the KSA’s to guide you along your path to optimal wellness. You should note the words: assist, you, path. We do not FIX your heath problems. We identify, stabilize and then assist you along the path to the goal you have established. To maximize the hands on care that we provide we believe it is vital for you to gain wellness KSAs.

Call 702 586 5060 to learn more about our KSA’s and how you can be part of gaining wellness. Kelly and Jean have some suggestions in the rest of the articles in this newsletter from this month.

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