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In the aftermath of the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas, I was called to serve as a spiritual practitioner in a local hospital and came to truly understand that my whole life had brought me to this time and this place. I have a set of life experiences that give me a depth of intimate knowledge about how stress and trauma move through bodies, minds and spirits.... I also have tools that I learned over the dinner table and throughout my life, about what it takes for the entire being to heal and to live an empowered, pain free, connected, authentic life that I love. My introduction to this way of being came from my father, a retired career firefighter and peer counselor. He was injured on the job multiple times, once by fire and then by some other aspect of the job. He was also a Navy reservist with a Special Boat Unit for over 30 years, after serving active duty in Vietnam while my mother was pregnant with me. As the Lead Center Chair Reader and Trainer, he gave people tools to transform trauma into health through a prominent psychic/clairvoyant program in Berkeley, CA. He started with that program when I was 5, and when he got custody of us when I was 9, after the death of my mother, raised us with the tools he had learned and mastered. It gave us a different perspective. I am one of three people I know who were raised with the guidance that cleaning your guns properly is as vitally important as cleaning your chakras properly. Additionally, I was “born straddling two worlds” and this one statement illustrates the integration of opposites and the integration of practical and esoteric that I learned to successfully navigate. Starting at 2 months of age, I personally have experienced loss through death, suicide and divorce. I have had multiple instances of physical health challenges ranging from having to learn how to walk again, to multiple head traumas, to overwhelming stress leading to an all-systems crash. I have been in a building when a plane crashed into it, and thought terrorists were attacking, and I have thought I would never see family again, multiple times, because one of us was in a crisis situation and contact couldn’t be made for hours or days. Growing up with my father, our primary healthcare was chiropractic or grounding and clearing energetically. Starting in my 20’s I was introduced to acupuncture and to other modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, essential oils, Biomat and Ho’oponopono. I worked to get out of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial pain. A theme throughout is that I can heal my life by mastering my thoughts, my behaviors, providing my body the tools it needs to function optimally, and by doing my neutrality/forgiveness, and self love/care work. I kept deciding to hone my skills, to heal my life-step by step by step. At any step of the way, I could have decided to not move forward, not to heal, because it was too painful or too much work. I have observed family members and others choosing not to heal, and it is definitely the harder path. What I absolutely-in-my-bones-know, is that “it’s all connected.” We can not experience the joy of a pain free physical body without looking at and healing the pain that living brings. We cannot enjoy a life of authenticity without gratitude, love and forgiveness, for ourselves and others. What I love about CranioSacral Therapy is that it addresses all of these levels-mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and even chemical. I was first introduced to CST at the tail end of a 13 1/2 month migraine from head trauma. Despite the therapist having just finished her first class and reading through the manual while working on me, I felt relief from the first session. This is the power of CST. This is the power of health and wholeness revealed. As I have progressed on this path as part of the profession I love, it is so fascinating how I was able to reclaim my life, my joy, my personal power and my freedom to be who I am. For years now, I have been showing people pieces and parts of what I know works. All of the tools and things I have learned have come together in a step-by-step Integrative Illumination System…Balanced Health and Wholeness that supports people in moving into living the life they love, just as I have experienced in my life. I move through the life changing events and the daily life stressors, more gracefully and easily. I am thrilled when I can teach someone something that I value so highly and ease their life’s journey..... You are at choice about your health and wholeness. Your transformation is in your hands. You are not bound by any stress, any trauma, any person or circumstance. Everything is working to bring you your highest and best good, your most authentic self, if you let it. I am honored to guide and support you on your path. Much love and gratitude, Kelly Kapsar


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