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Icing and Kellyland

Las Vegas Golden Knights

As I said previously, being a Knight’s fan is shocking and entertaining to everyone I know. First of all, I became a fan because the team is about joy, gratitude, education, honor, integrity and community- on and off the ice. After the game or two that I watched they showed me there was substance to this team. I discovered the first season game, honoring the 58 departed and the first responders...and heard Engelland talking about his two kids being born and raised here over the past twelve years. How Las Vegas was his home, our home and we stand together “Vegas Strong”. Since the vast majority of people who live here come from somewhere else, and the town is so transient with people moving in and out daily, I had not observed Las Vegas as home being called out that powerfully, and with as much agreement as there was that night. We generally have two major groups of people living here, the ones who like some of the benefits (jobs) and want out as soon as possible, and those who have been here 20 years or more, and talk about living here and loving it. But it’s still not commonly referred to as “home”. It’s very interesting. That first game, many people stepped up and said, “yes! THIS is my home!”-energetically at least. Over the past 12-14 years observing people, and spending much time in contemplation and meditation, I have come to the conclusion that the Las Vegas Valley has been calling people for about 40 years, maybe 50 by now. People who never thought they would ever be here, much less stay here, have been coming, creating spiritual community, not just Latter Day Saints, but many, many ancient wisdom, new thought traditions, as well as the more main stream spiritual communities. The valley has the reputation of being the most superficial place on Earth, and it, I believe, wants to be a space of substance. Additionally, through the research, I now speak about the Knights with some intelligence and knowledge. I’m observing a lot of “who are you and what did you do with Kelly?!” expressions on people’s faces. When my neighbor discovered I was now a Knight’s fan, she decided she needed to buy me a shirt...a black and gold lame’ Vegas Golden Knights’s very cute, so not my usual style. I now wear it to watch the games, and just laugh because sports of any sort was never my style. Paul laughs because I know the game times more than he now. The other night, I was doing a clearing meditation, moving through chakras and clearing old family beliefs. When I got to the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the VGK’s popped in unbidden and were very clear that part of what was happening was that with their belief in personal responsibility and accountability, as demonstrated by no captain, just team leaders, that they were tapping into the collective community personal power. They were leading by example and showing people how to claim their own personal power. By personal power, I do not mean power over others, but power of each individual, unique and brilliant, each in their own way- the gifts that our ours to share as only we can. The other day, I took a spin with numerology and my favorites. Fleury, number 29 is an 11 when you add the two numbers together. 11 is about transformation, initiation into mastery. Schmidt, number 88 is a 7 (8 + 8 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7). 7 is a perfect number, representing the (3) triune nature of wholeness added to the (4) complete number of the directions and/or elements. Engelland, number 5 is a 5. 5 is the number of balance, of masculine and feminine, of heaven and earth coming together. It represents the human. So, if we add these three together, 11 + 7 + 5= 23 = 5, we get players who bring balance, humanity, initiation into mastery and bring perfection, wholeness and completeness. What fabulous qualities to bring to a valley that is looking to be transformed into a space and place of substance. My friend Sue loves Karlsson number 71. His numbers add up to 8 which is infinite, and abundance. She tells me he scored less than 10 goals in his previous career, and has scored over 40 this year with the Knights. And, I know....the numbers 11 and 12 can either be used as double digits or added together and used as single digits. All other doubles or more are added to a single digit. 11 because it is a prime and sacred number and 12 because it also is sacred...12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Christ, 12 months of the year.... My friend Steve asked if I knew what “icing” is. The answer was not “the stuff on top of a cake.” My homework was to figure it out, and report back to him in my own words. I could have any help I needed to get the answer. Steve explained it to me...remember those deer in the headlights looks? Paul did it twice more, the second time he had to get a diagram of a hockey rink to help explain. It finally made some sense, but I certainly couldn’t have explained in my words. As per usual in my world, it worked itself through the night in my dreams, and when I got up, it burst out fully formed, and before caffeine. Paul never knows what the first thing out of my mouth is in the morning, and it has gotten more interesting in the past month. Ready? Here goes....whenever anything gets in a repetitive motion, there are two ways to change it. You can either block the movement, encouraging it to find another path, or you can bring it into the fullest range of its motion, again, changing its course. Icing is when a team gets into a repetitive motion in the other teams (ie the Cap’s) space and in order to change the motion, a player shoots the puck towards the home goal end (ie our Fleury, who covers 1/3 of the world) sending the puck into its fullest range of motion, and if it crosses the blue middle line and the red line near the net without anyone controlling it, that’s called “icing”. In my world, I call it “releasing adhesions in the fascia, the connective tissue of the body”. The other way to get out of repetitive motion, blocking the movement, encouraging it to change, is the face off. After almost falling off his chair laughing at “icing” Paul came up with face off. I still have to figure out what “off sides” is.... So, watching game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, what I saw was a lot of adhesions being released by the Knights. Some beliefs about being the misfits and the cast-offs, not having “paid their dues” by getting to the finals in their inaugural year, all sorts of beliefs that no longer serve. Right now, energetically, the Vegas Golden Knights feel very much like the De La Salle Spartans of years ago, in all the best ways. Just like in bodywork, sometimes releasing the adhesions is painful. Frequently, pain causes the adhesions, so frequently there is pain in releasing them. I have every confidence that they reboot, remember who they are and what they are about and continue in joy, gratitude, education, honor, integrity and community, and bring home that which helps create the greatest healing for themselves and others. Go Knights Go!

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