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Now that its summer, our thoughts turn to vacation travel, seeing new places, meeting new people, making new friends. Or maybe you feel you’re not connecting with people. If you feel like it is hard for you to achieve what you wish, or you need people to help you achieve it, enhancing and harmonizing this Bagua area with positive energy might be helpful. We’ve all heard stories or know of people who seem to be in the right place at the right time, their lives being transformed and enhanced by words or actions of those they have met; or by visiting a special place that changes their lives forever. People refer to the angels who appear in their lives just when they need them.This is about synchronicity — being in the right place at the right time, and knowing that the universe will send us the necessary helpers to assist us on our path. Webster defines it as “the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (such as similar thoughts in widely separated persons), or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.” Based on the principles of Feng Shui, the Helpful People area of the Bagua chart influences how others treat you, whether or not you have their support and guidance; or if you would like to let go of everything and everyone that doesn’t serve you, physically and spiritually. By harmonizing this area, you can harness the power of those around you to help you and achieve the things you want. This means that things will come to you when you need it, you are always in the right place at the right time, and you always have the necessary help and guidance whatever the situation is. In order to harmonize this area, make sure it contains the colors or objects of metal and water since those are this area’s main elements, or include any items that depict mentors, guides, spiritual figures and other “helpful people.” Feng Shui is not about putting a talisman in your space that mysteriously brings you good fortune. Its the messages we plant here by physical objects that are registering in both the conscious and subconscious mind, and are sent out to the universe like radio signals. The more powerful the visual affirmation, the more powerful the thought form. The strength of the thought form is what focuses the energy in the desired direction. As in the law of attraction, like attracts like. Feng Shui recognizes our strong connection to our physical surroundings, and the interconnection between the seen and unseen worlds. It teaches that in aligning our outer environment with our inner environment (desires), we bring our lives into balance. We never know when we will need a helpful hand. Keep this area balanced to know that whenever we might need help, we will be able to count on it.

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