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This type of care fragments us into unhealthy pieces. It is only by bringing all elements of our being into the same discussion that the WHOLE PERSON can be addressed and assisted in the meeting and becoming our highest and best. We provide integration of these elements in each area of our connection with you. Body work such as Massage, CranioSacral therapy, or AquaStretch clears the "physical" restrictions, and in the process assists us to clear emotional and spiritual restrictions, and trauma we have walled off from ourselves freeing the restrictions that have built up. This freeing improves our body and mind health dramatically.

When we used to pull vegetables right out of the ground to eat them fresh we sometimes would grumble to my grandmother that the carrots were dirty. Her answer was pretty obscure "well, you do have to eat a peck of dirt before you die!" For those of you who have never worked in a "farm" environment a peck is a unit of dry measure or 1/4 bushel or 8 quarts. We would look at her, nod, and walk away because you didn't sass grandma even if you though she was a bit daft. Now many years later I understand the phrase really means 'in order to have a healthy body we need to consume a significant portion of micro nutrients, vitamins & minerals, and bacteria (replenish the gut micro-biome) that are in the soil to meet our bodies needs and to allow us to flourish.'

When was the last time you went to the store to buy carrots or any veggie and found dirt present? Where do we find the micro nutrients or bacteria we need? Certainly no in most of our processed foods. The best source of fresh produce is likely at the farmers market when they are available. They do need washed and you need to be sure they use proper organic growing methods but these veggies are more likely to have healthy nutrients and bacteria. If fresh food is not available consider a high quality source of vitamins, minerals, or probiotics from a company that has pharmaceutical level processing. Whole food supplement sources are available as are single vitamin or mineral formulas in our office.

We can assist you in determining your needs as that WHOLE PERSON and point you toward your wellness goal. Cal today for your appointment 702-586-5060.

Paul Kapsar, APRN

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