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This month we are talking about getting out of summer mode’s less than health habits and returning to a more sedate health routine. I am going to focus my article on a habit we seldom start but is one we need to move from summer seldom use to all year meditation while listening to music. As part of my preparation to return to healthy habits I thought I would take a nice Sunday afternoon nap but my back was barking at me. Not unusual just “barkier” than usual. After a while I go up and headed to the couch still tired. I contemplated sitting down with my current book about a British sea captain during the French Revolution, watch a movie on Amazon Prime, or listen to music on my iPad. Oddly, despite the fact I have a nice eclectic music collection, an iPad, and an iPod (old enough to have a hard drive) for some reason I seldom listen to the music except as background or as a distractor. I enjoy music and sometimes when listening in the right conditions I have seen the music weaving in the air. Kinda trippy overall. So after some deliberation I put in the ear buds set iTunes to straight play and started Chuck Mangione’s Feels So Good album on the iPad, leaned back and chilled. As the music played, I started noticing thoughts, memories, and plans present in this music. This gave me an opportunity to do some deep meditation and some serious “house cleaning” of my own beliefs and memories. I even did a significant number of Ho’oponopono repetitions, as you know it is best done between 3 and 5,000 times each day. This ‘short’ nap had morphed into a very restful, cleansing & healing meditation session. Since that day I have resumed my healthy habit of meditating regularly and have rediscovered the peace, relaxation, and comfort resulting from spending time meditating with the music. This practice is my plan for my return to health habits.

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