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As many of you know, I use the word “Grace” frequently. Sometimes it is used as a stand- alone, sometimes in the phrase “Grace and Ease”. It occurs to me that clarifying what I mean and how I use it would be of benefit. It has many layers. At the basic level, Grace is about knowing that everything in my whole life has served my highest and best good-no matter how it looks or feels in the moment. There have been many, many chaotic times, AND I have made it through each of them, AND in time, my life has always become more free, more joyous, more abundant, more authentic. I assume this is the truth for everyone.... Grace is also about surrender. Sometimes my highest and best good doesn’t show up the way I think it should. Anyone relate? Grace is a reminder to myself that when I let go of thinking how it should look or feel, and I get to be present with what is, things suddenly start feeling like there is movement and possibility. My mind stops spinning on things that make me feel fearful and tight and it starts being open to other options. The next layer of Grace is about Gratitude. When I spend time being grateful for all the amazing people in my life, all the fun and laughter the animals bring, being able to do work that is meaningful to me, the books and movies and stories I loveC...and oh yeah, chocolate!! And everything else... when I spend my time in that attitude, Grace happens. The perfect people to support some of the things I am doing, show up in random ways. New ideas open doors to new possibilities. I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and make better choices about food, rest, self-care, exercise.

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