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Finding Your Authentic Self

I like to think that we all are around a pool called life. There are certain aspects that all people have in their lives, such as family and friends, careers, (or our unique work in the world), and helpful people, which can be part of a spiritual journey, or if you prefer, a journey to our greatest authenticity. We can jump in the pool from any part of the decking, and it still gets us in the pool. Helpful people can be people we know, people we've never met before, any kind of being-without-a-body guide, such as angels or departed loved ones. Years ago, before I started doing bodywork, I had a voice in my head that kept saying "you should go do massage....". I finally realized it was talking to me, AND wanted me to do some about it. I had no idea how to make that happen. I moved to Las Vegas and one month, the only thing I heard on the radio, on the tv, any time, any station, was an ad for the massage school I ended up graduating from. (I was a little stubborn? resistant? scared out of my mind?) This has lead me down an astounding journey into my authenticity. One of my favorite tools to find my authentic voice is walking the labyrinth.

Come join us Friday the 28th at 9 am and find a place where your authentic voice can be heard.

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