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Family beliefs Beliefs are such an interesting thing, aren't they? I am endlessly fascinated by beliefs that we all operate from, and where they come from, and how to change them. As Karen Rauch Carter says "the family area of the home is your foundation-your place of refuge and safety." In Feng Shui, the family bagua (area), is the center left position from your front door. As I mentioned before, the basic belief of Feng Shui, as I understand it, is the natural desire of every living thing to create a safe and comfortable home, physically and energetically. Any time we change our focus, and we can do this by moving-adding-deleting, our worlds can change, we can change our thinking and perception and worlds change. Just as a quick example, I started playing with the family bagua at the office, and within 24 hours, members of our families of origin needed some information about health that we could assist with, and we got referrals of family members of people we already work with. One of the other ways I change my focus, my perception, my world, is something I started learning when I was about 10 years old. Over the years, I have used and modified and shifted what my Dad taught me. He called it a 7 generation meditation, and basically during meditation, you connect with the 7 mothers and 7 fathers, asking them to release what no longer serves from the family line, and to bring in a gift to represent something that will serve the family moving forward. When I have shared this technique, it has been life changing for people, every time.

On April 20th at 6 pm, I will be leading a workshop on Family, and we will be doing the 7 Generation meditation. It is $25 if you pre-register, and $40 at the door. Space is limited. If you find yourself feeling stuck in any area of your life, I invite you to join us for this amazing evening to help you change your beliefs and change your life. Kelly Kapsar, LMT

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