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Family, usually MOM, is the first person to tell us about health…. Eat your Vegetables, did you ever see a rabbit wearing glasses??? Eat your carrots. Drink your milk…it will give you strong bones. Wash your hands before you eat, don’t eat that worm your brother put on your plate….. Mud pies are NOT to eat. If it’s not bleeding or broken go back outside. DO NOT eat those green prunes…. She does everything she can to help us stay clean and healthy. Many times despite our best effort. Sometimes the advice backfires. Recently research has found that if we are kept too clean our body does not develop the healthy microbiome we need to live a healthy life, some research shows the increase in asthma and allergies our children experience these days. As marketing has improved we have brought a lot of chemicals into our homes. Chemicals that have negative effects on the life and health of our family and pets. Chemicals would be best returned to the factory rather than being absorbed by our bodies. Kelly and Jean have provided a number of ideas to improve your living situation and progress along the wellness path. I recommend you pick of a copy of Chemical Free Pets by Dr Nancy Brandt DVM, from our office. By instituting the process to reduce or eliminate chemicals from our pets lives we will improve our environment and the health and wellness of our entire family.

Paul Kapsar APRN

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