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Essentials of Essential Oils

Before you dive into using Essential Oils you might want to read up first. We use Young Living Essential oils because we believe their high quality and consistent product is superb.

Purchase Essential Oils Here! 1. If things get too intense, dilute with any vegetable oil-coconut, olive, avocado, jojoba etc 2. Water and oil do not play well together....if you need something to get more intense, add water....less intense dilute with other oil such as vegetable oil 3. The bottom of your feet are really safe places to put oils 4. Avoid "hot" oils like cinnamon, thieves and peppermint on tender skin... think tailbone! 5. Want a room freshener? Add 2 drops of oil per ounce of water in a spray bottle, shake & spraying to freshen the air Or mist yourself and/or your fur friends to cool down, or simply get more oils in your personal environment 6. Use one for a week and see what you notice. Everyone is unique and so is our body chemistry- something that may be my go to oil may not work for you, so just play and experiment. Do the smell test before applying to your body. 7. If you want to get oils on your fur friends, put the oils on your hands, rub together, smell, and pet your friend.

8. The easiest way to utilize oils is by putting oils in your hands and just smelling Enjoy your exploring!


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