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Cause of Knee Pain in Women

Many years ago when my daughter, the avid and aggressive soccer player, started complaining about pain in the inside part of her knees we learned about the cause. I, irreverently, call it the "mamma told you to keep your knees together so the boys can't peek" syndrome. In medical terms it is call Genu Valgus. The female pelvis is, necessarily, wider than the male pelvis. This allowance for birth coupled with the cultural requirement for closed or crossed legs creates a set of very strong muscles to keep a ladies legs together. Because of the wider female pelvis the knees have more distance to go to touch than the male knees. The muscles on the outside, or lateral sides, become somewhat lax and allow the knees to slide inward toward what we used to call knock kneed position. With the knees now positioned closer together than the feet the “pressure vector” or part of the knee getting the most force, is shifted from the middle center of the knee to the ‘ medial’ or inside of the knee at the joint. The area of the knee where this pressure gets applied is angled causing gradually increasing pain. In younger women there may be unexplained pain when running. Later pain occurs when walking normally. Genu Valgus is a frequent cause of continued pain and arthritis leading to knee replacements. You do not need to go down this path. This pain and dysfunction can be corrected or managed. The process of preventing this is something we can teach you. Let us do a full assessment on you to determine all your wellness needs.

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