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Have you ever had trouble meeting a goal you set for yourself? Maybe you want to exercise or move more, or you want to eat more vegetables. Maybe you want to save more money. Maybe you want more time to relax and have fun. When I think about the word "career", my first thought is work. What if "career" was about my life's journey, my purpose? If I think my purpose for being here is to work, I am missing a big part of everything. I speak as one who knows, having grown up with the belief that I have to work hard in order to have what I want.... We do have to work and do our work in order to be our most authentic selves, but maybe, it doesn't have to be hard. Maybe, that thing that is so easy for me to do, is what I am here to do. There is a book " The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks, which talks about working in your genius- that thing which is so easy for you that you think everyone does it. I combine the ideas of working in my genius, with a gratitude letter every morning. Come join us on Th 6/15 at 5:30 to learn how you can enhance your career area of your home, making achieving your goals easier, and allow your life's journey to unfold more gracefully. ($25 before $40 at door)

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