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Jean mentions balance in her article, and Kelly has pointed out many time it is essential to lead a balanced life.

How does that apply to today's medical environment? Our current healthcare process is under attack from Joe next door, the TV pundits, and politicians at every level. Where is the balance? A large part of the unbalance as I see it happens because our current system labeled healthcare is truly symptom care. When you go to your insurance paid provider you tell them your symptoms and they develop a diagnosis, maybe order some diagnostics, and usually give you a pill - because that is what we went for anyway wasn’t it?

The balance in this system is toward quick visits and medication. Soon you have a prescription for medication for the symptoms caused by the medication we gave you to cover up the symptoms you had originally.

Here at SilverArc APN we want to balance you toward fewer medications by looking at the source of the original symptoms. Why do you have the depression, the head ache, why are harmful and possibly illegal substances a part of your daily routine. We take the time to sit and listen to all of you. Once all your concerns are gathered and analyzed we provide you with a full plan of care to bring you to your best wellness balance point using exercise, AquaStretch, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, diet, vitamins and supplements, meditation, substance withdrawal management (detox), and sparingly medications.

Once your initial issues are balanced we offer plans to continue your wellness efforts. Call and schedule your evaluation to move to balanced wellness a part of your life wellness plan.

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