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Allowing Gratitude to Transform Pain

Allowing Gratitude to transform pain Here we are, already in November. It’s been a challenging year for many. Several loved ones we know departed the body this summer. Thousands of others have been impacted by natural disasters and other traumatic events. All of us are feeling higher levels of stress. Sometimes, moving through events like these, a (small) voice might be saying “what do I have to be grateful for?! My life will never be the same, look at all I lost....”. It’s true, life will never be the same. However, as I see it, without gratitude, life will continue in greater experiences of pain. When I was sitting with this topic of gratitude, combined with all the pain, Dr. Emoto and his work with water crystals popped into my head. Dr. Emoto got fascinated by water and the fact that we are 70-90% water, the same proportion as the planet. He started wondering if what we say to ourselves had any impact on our physical health, ie the water in our bodies. He discovered a way to take pictures of water crystals. He took water from different locations around the world, he started putting the water between two speakers with different types of music playing, he taped pictures and phrases to the bottles. The difference in the crystals are phenomenal. Some are so beautiful and some are almost disturbing. (For more information check out any of Masaru Emoto ‘s books that include the words messages and water) Some of the pieces Dr. Emoto worked with includes the opposite frequency can release/ relieve whatever is going on. For instance, the opposite of grief is joy, the opposite of fear is courage and the opposite of hate is gratitude. Mostly we think the opposite of hate is love, but according to his research, it is actually gratitude. What if, love by itself is not enough? What if, a big part of what we are missing, is gratitude? What if, by combing the two using the formula for water, H2O, and having gratitude be two parts and love one part as expressed G2L, we could transform our lives, individually and collectively? So, what can we be grateful for? We can be grateful for all the experiences we had with our loved ones. We can be grateful for the food on the table and every hand that participated in getting it to us. We can be grateful for the friends and loved ones we are still able to enjoy experiences with. We can be grateful to our feet for carrying us all the places we have been, and all the places we will go. We can be grateful for our lungs for the great job they do breathing all the time. We can be grateful for the beauty of a day, or the weather that matches our mood and cries with us. We can transform our worlds by loving ourselves and others more. We can transform our worlds by being grateful for all that we have, all that is coming. Maybe we start by thinking of three things that we are grateful for before we go to sleep. Maybe we start transforming things by doing more ho’oponopono.* Maybe we start transforming our lives by writing down 3-10 things we are grateful for and why. Maybe we transform our lives by telling people around us thank you more often. What if gratitude, combined with love, is the true answer to living a life, living in a world transformed.....please join us in finding more things, more ways to express gratitude.

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