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Do you ever have days where you just seem to obsess about something that isn't working? I do, though much, much less frequently then previously. Apparently I come from a line of worriers. For me, it is a practice to get out and stay out of that spin, so I have many tools to assist that process.

First off, meditation and connection to Source start me off in the morning. Gratitude is my next practice. My gratitude practice has evolved from writing lists of 3-10 items, to writing a letter for all the things currently in my life, and all those things that I am calling in. I have found when I am grateful before the fact, things come to me easier.

During the day, I will listen to music that uplifts and inspires me. In fact I have a "happy and uplifting" playlist of songs that range from songs about Spirit and connection, to songs from spinning, if I give it something totally not related to focus on, it does really well. I have found that 3-4 words that resonate as true to me, works best. Ho'o ponopono is fabulous because the four phrases of 3-4 words each, can shift my mind really fast.

Lastly, at night, I do my best to let my mind relax, I work to let the office stay at the office. I listen (mostly) when my body tells me it needs rest. I focus on gratitude and what I feel I did well during the day. Ho'o ponopono has been known to help me fall asleep, or back to sleep if my brain gets going again.

How do you create a healthy brain for your yourself? I'd love to hear what you're doing for yourself.

Next month, we'll be talking about a healthy home and healthy environment.

Happy February

Kelly Kapsar, LMT

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