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As humans we are always worried about our performance. Nootropic use began as a replacement for the illegal and dangerous use of stimulant medications used for hyperactivity disorders. The use was initiated in the quest to increase the performance of the human brain. Speedier thoughts, faster calculations, higher test scores, wittier comments in conversation, better combat game skills, and a multitude of other reasons many of us will not understand. The term “Nootropic” pronounces No o tropic, also referred to as "smart drugs," include a number of products listed as research chemicals natural supplements, prescription drugs, and herbs. Some products are believed to enhance cognitive effects, including attention and creativity.1 One product is sold as a research chemical in the use is a prescription antidepressant in Europe it is not approved in the US because its side effect profile is considered dangerous. In fact this particular chemicals is dangerous enough the CDC sent out a warning 2 can mimic controlled substances and require inpatient detox very similar to that required for opiates. The CDC warns anyone with an opiate use problem to avoid this substance. Other nootropics you may already be using but were not aware of what they were called. Herbs like ginkgo baloba, or caffeine pills, or L- thiamine. Some are harmful so far there has been no research that demonstrates any Brain “Supercharging.” So my caution is if you don’t know what something will do, look it up. stop in and ask us, do a PubMed search for the medical research. Most nootropics will not harm you but some certainly will. 1.Archy Worldys CDC: this unauthorized antidepressant is poisoning people accessed 08/15/2018 1710 2, CDC accessed 08/15/2018 1720 3. PubMed

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