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As explained on, Jim Watkins lives with pain so intense it can snatch his breath away. He has osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, and the best way he has found to control the anguish is with daily doses of tramadol, an opioid medication.

He has been on the drug for nearly two decades, and for almost all of that time, his doctors gave it to him without any problems. But over the last few years, he said, that has changed.

Watkins, a 59-year-old Chicagoan, is required to come in monthly to receive his prescription — he used to go as long as three months between visits — and each time, he said, he undergoes questioning about his opioid use that he regards as just short of harassment.

The federal government has begun to crackdown on this Opioid Epidemic and prescriptions are getting more challenging to come by. Here at SilverArc APN, we use many natural treatments for pain and chronic sufferers. Take a look as Paul Kapsar explains one of his treatments the Neuro Stim.

The Neuro Stim sends a low level electronic signal through the ear causing stimulation to branches of the cranial nerves and reduce the sympathetic nerve stimulation. This stimulation modifies how pain is perceived. This device generally provides a permanent reduction in pain. For those with chronic pain and opiate use it assists in decreasing or eliminating the use of opiates.

As your pain begins decreasing it is importance to make additional lifestyle changes moving you into your new wellness. This is accomplished through gradually increasing exercise, switching to a Mediterranean diet, adding guided meditation, and including the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. We are uniquely qualified to assist you on this journey.

For more information on living a pain free, opioid free life contact SilverArc APN today - 702-586-5060.

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