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September, Stability and Sacrums

September is frequently a time of getting back to stable routines....summer vacations are done, the Labor Day holiday has happened, people sort of breathe and have mixed feelings about being glad the time of stability is here, and fun memories of spontaneous, in the flow days. In my world, sacrums, or tailbone, the triangle bone at the base of your spine store and process stability. I find that when our lives, individually and collectively, have a lot of shifts going on it shows up in our sacrum. Sometimes it looks like low back pain or tension. Sometimes it looks like "old age"....creaking, moving slower, having a harder time getting out of bed. Of course, morning always comes too early for me.....I love the idea of waking up with the sun and the birds, just, you know, after 7.....but I digress. Sometimes a feeling of lack of stability in the world looks like tension in the neck and shoulders, because it's all connected. So, how can we make moving into stability an easier process? Breathing is an obvious and neglected answer. I put myself into child's pose before I get out of bed in the morning to stretch. I love putting essential oils on my sacrum every morning-currently I'm choosing "Egyptian gold" by Young Living. If all these don't work the way I want them to, I get some CranioSacral Therapy, either on the table or in the form of AquaStretch. I love the feeling of my sacrum sinking into the therapist's hand, into the table, so I can't tell where one begins and the other ends. I love hanging in the corner of the pool and having my legs used as levers to gently stretch and bring movement to my sacrum. Both of these bring intense feelings of relaxation and freedom to my whole being. Let September be a space of creating healthy, stable habits for yourself and your family. Give us a call to schedule your CranioSacral or AquaStretch appointments. Paul is the AquaStretch facilitator I love working with, he has great hands!

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