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Why I use the BioMat

Do you wish you had something that always makes things better? I have a tool that does just that! It is called a BioMat.

At our office, it has gotten the nickname of "a day at the beach". It has amethyst crystals instead of sand crystals, it has far-infrared waves like from the sun and it creates negative ions like you find near big moving bodies of water. The combination creates a deep healing space mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Whenever I have some distress going on, I reach for my BioMats. Whenever I'm feeling good and want to feel better, I reach for my BioMats.

I use my professional size one the most. I get on it for all my morning meditations, gratitude practices and pet and purr time with my fur family. If my mind is spinning and I am having a tough time sleeping at night, I go get on my pro mat for a little while and when I get back into bed I sleep really well for the rest of the night.

One of the things I love about my mats, is that the far-infrared waves are calibrated to match the level that is naturally produced by a mother's skin when she is holding a baby she loves-so I always feel like I'm being loved on when I'm on my mats.

The variation of mat I use next most is the pillow sleeve, which does not heat up and is therefore more flexible. It is actually under my pillow all the time. It is made with amethyst and tourmaline, which naturally emit far infrared waves and negative ions. If I ate something that didn't quite agree with my-trying-to-sleep body, I reach for my pillow sleeve and drape it on my abdomen. If my hands get achy, I wrap my sleeve around my arm.

The size BioMat I use next is the belt sized. We have it on the couch at home. If backs or shoulders start being uncomfortable, this BioMat is portable enough to put whenever it is most needed. We travel (by air) with this size and the pillow sleeve. In Japan, they have found that negative ions cover pain receptor sites, thereby reducing or eliminating pain.

Kelly Kapsar, LMT

Hi, my name is Safari and I am Kelly's boy cat. Before she became my forever home, a man was really mean to me and might have scrambled my brain some. So, sometimes I go off the rails and eat a lot of something I shouldn't be eating at all. This time, the vitamin D called my name so loudly that the bottle cap was in three pieces around the house... Needless to say, I got quality time at the Dr Nancy's office. When I got to come home, my momma's intent for me was to be healthy and happy. I was in the bathroom for the weekend, and she had the Solfeggio frequencies playing for me 24 hours a day. She had also lined the room with about 15 Archangel Rafael cards- as he is the angel most associated with healing. Paul was really gentle when he poked me with a needle everyday for a really long time so they could get fluids into me. I still get different food and medicines to support my kidneys. After the weekend, when I was strong enough, my momma let me out of the bathroom. I wobbled my way down the hall and got onto the BioMat. It felt so good, I stayed there for about 20-22 hours a day, for about 30 days (according to my momma). I kept getting stronger and healthier. My first blood work was off the charts high in all the bad areas. My second set, 10 days later, were normal, except one, which is why I still get different food and fluids and visits to the doctor. My momma keeps playing music for me, and she puts her hands on me and makes me feel better. We sit and meditate and pet and purr on the BioMat after breakfast everyday. She was putting some smelly things on me, and even though they made my nose wrinkle, I always felt better when she rubbed them on my belly. Now she has a thing that puffs out the smells, I think she changed it up, 'cause it doesn't make my nose wrinkle anymore. My vet says I wouldn't be here without all the things that were done at home for me. We all think the BioMat was a really big part of my healing. Now, I'm doing much better and I'm starting to have adventures with tissue paper again...

You too can purchase a BioMat for your home... Contact Kelly Kapsar - 702.463.7707

If I was able, everyone I know would own one.

I made the decision to purchase my first BioMat, which really didn't feel like it fit in the budget, because I needed a way to take care of myself on a daily, hourly basis, without disturbing or requiring assistance from anyone else. I wanted something that would support my health and wellbeing at all levels, and my BioMats have always come through.

Buying my first BioMat told myself that I was important enough to be a the top of my list of who gets taken care of.

They range in price from about $600 for the belt to the pro set around $2200. Give us a call at 702-463-7707 to schedule an appointment for your BioMat time or purchase your own BioMat products.

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