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NOTE: EFFECTIVE July 12,2022 We are accepting a limited number of patents for ongoing care of opiate use.

Medication Assisted Substance Use Treatment (MAT)


Before any controlled substance - those on the DEA Drug Schedules - can be prescribed or delivered every provider must do a search to determine your prescribed use of controlled substances. SilverArc APN does this when you have an upcoming appointment. This report will be shared and confirmed with you at your appointment. This information is entered into the database by each pharmacy when your prescription is filled and there are occasional mistakes. We are open to hearing your comments

The Sinclair Method

Hear Paul discuss The Sinclair Method in his presentation
Things Patients Have Taught Me Since I Learned about The Sinclair Method at the
C3 Foundation's SecondAnnual International Sinclair Method Conference
You are Stronger Than Your Drink.

Not everyone is ready for a full stop from their alcohol intake. While here at SilverArc APN we believe that full stop and abstinence is the safest method we have come to understand The Sinclair Method (TSM) of alcohol harm reduction is very helpful in reducing the amount of alcohol being consumed. TSM is best understood by listening to Claudia Christian’s TEDx talk and her journey with alcohol. Click here to set up your appointment.


"Paul, I just wanted to thank you for visiting with me about the alcoholism issue that I was facing. The naltrexone has done a wonderful job so far to kick my alcohol cravings and how much I drink when I do. It took a few days for me to see the difference but now the cravings are gone and the consumption I take in when I drink has reduced greatly. I am so grateful that I was able to find someone to talk to about this method (you and SilverArc APN staff) and can’t thank you enough. It has been a rough past dealing with the alcoholism and now I have found something that is truly working vs treatment centers and AA that I have tried in the past. I just wanted to give you a update on how I am doing and also a BIG thank you for your hospitality and giving me a shot at trying The Sinclair Method. Silverarc was a pleasant and wonderful experience and wish that all places were as kind hearted and caring as you all were to me. I look forward to visiting with you and the staff in the future and can’t thank you enough, you have truly changed my life for the better and feel blessed that I ran across Silverarc and the sinclair method when researching cures for alcoholism."

With great appreciation, BV

Buprenorphine Treatment -- Accepting new patients for continuation of Medication Assisted Treatment

Buprenorphine/naloxone (Bunavail, Suboxone, Zubsolv) is used to manage the use of opiates, particularly street purchases of opiates to assist the individual to return to a more healthy and functional lifestyle. Buprenorphine/naloxone was developed as a long-term opiate replacement. It too is an opiate but it only partially activates the opiate receptors avoiding the high. SilverArc APN uses it primarily as a method to move from opiates to abstinence in a relatively comfortable manner. We discourage long-term buprenorphine/naloxone use. 

Naltrexone (generic), Naltrexone ER (Vivitrol)

Naltrexone is an opiate receptor blocker meaning once it is in your system opiates cannot reach your receptor to cause the high. We will discuss the full meaning of this when you are in the office. In the case of opiate use you must be free of the opiate for 7-14 days depending on the particular substance in use. If started too soon it causes a “full withdrawal all at once", and that is miserable. Being fully aware of this possibility we work with you to insure the timing is correct and your receptors are clear before staring either form of naltrexone.

Should you be someone with an alcohol use concern it is a bit easier. While it is still the opiate receptor that is blocked the naltrexone greatly decreases the cravings and changes the experience of drinking to assist you in being less interested in drinking. The time between your last drink and starting naltrexone is much less than with opiates. Click here to set up your appointment.

(membership packages are not available for substance use care)


"About 6 months ago I met with Paul Kapsar about naltrexone. I received the book he recommends along with 3 prescriptions of naltrexone. It has completely changed my life and I have never felt better and in more control. I still have 4 left and another prescription. I will be coming back to Las Vegas on May 5th to setup a meeting or the ability to not only thank Paul but also get my prescriptions renewed. Thank you!"

- Mr. B.