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Wellness done right is a lifetime commitment

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Pricing healthcare when everyone believes insurance should pay for everything and will not is a frustration for all who seek care using health insurance. Health insurance is more about providing care for your symptoms and diseases rather than creating a state of wellness to prevent the onset of disease.

Because we look at you as an integrated being we find insurance will be very frustrating to your peace of mind. We prefer not to create that level of frustration in our system of care. We do not accept insurance but will provide you with a copy of the superbill that you may submit to your insurance company.

The initial consultation visit is $200.  This visit includes a consultation with Paul Kapsar APRN lasting up to a full hour during which your health history is reviewed, a physical is completed and plan for immediate and long-term care is developed jointly with you.

The plan for your care is created as Packages of Care. These packages vary in content and price based on your needs. Package investments prices range from six hundred dollars for very short term acute needs the to multiple thousands for high-intensity complex care. Chronic pain packages with “outpatient detox” from multiple medications, providing office visits, aquastretch, massage, and exercise program are at the upper end of the cost range.

Wellness is on ongoing process. Your initial consultation will assist us in developing a plan based on the intensity of your needs, to stabilize your acute conditions and maintain you in a state of wellness. Stabilization of an out of control system does not occur as result of one visit and requires a series of interventions. We believe it is important to tell you up from what you need and the cost of the care package for your particular needs. 

Follow up memberships are priced at $50, $125, and $250/month based on your desired access and care choices. Each will include easier access, a discount on vitamins, a specified number of office visits or massages per year along wth other perquisites.


 Wellness done right is a lifetime commitment and cannot be accomplished in a single visit. Once the acute care needs are met we offer tailored wellness memberships to keep you well and manage the unexpected.

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SilverArc APN also accepts Health Savings Account