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SilverArc APN - specializing in wellness care, pain treatment,

and addiction recovery in Las Vegas

About Paul Kapsar APRN

Paul Kapsar RN MSN APRN has more than 40 years experience in healthcare with an introduction as a hospital orderly, moving on to his RN in 1977 from Saint Vincent Health Center School of Nursing in Erie Pennsylvania, Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. 


Followed by a Masters In Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 1999 from the combined Clarion/Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania Family Nurse Practitioner program.


His career includes experience as a staff nurse, nurse manager, emergency preparedness and management, reserve military nurse officer, hospital information systems manager, university nursing instructor, author, educator, jail health administration, full time Family Practice Nurse Practitioner in a variety of settings including emergency department, internal medicine, hospice, addiction, pain recovery, and of course entrepreneur.

Paul willingly acts as a preceptor to students from various nurse practitioner programs.

Why the SilverArc?


"When most people are asked to describe an arc they move their hand in a pattern imitating the rainbow.  An overhead arch.  I have always considered an overhead arch as a limit to my potential.  One friend considered the overhead arch as a roof or safe place. 


In our logo, the convex, or bowl-shaped SilverArc represents a place of support with an unlimited ceiling.  A place where healthy plans and dreams can be created, nurtured, and realized.  Our newly updated logo represents the bold move into new areas and ways to care, and lead you to wellness."

Mission Statement

SilverArc APN believes in treating the whole person - a holistic view of health. Our role is not to "make you better" but work with you to create a plan of care that allows - actually expects - YOU to take a very active part in creating the health path that best meets your needs and life goals.

To provide you as a person with the tools to improve your health and your healthcare practice within your own belief system.  To be responsive to the needs of you as a unique person. To provide sound and clinically relevant educational experiences.  To allow you to safely discuss all aspects of your lifestyle and activities respectfully to ensure all aspects of a significant importance to your overall health and well-being are brought out and included in your health path planning.