Why SilverArc APN?

28 JUN 2021  

 Starting July 3, 2021

Susan Wellman OMD will be joining our office as

The Wellman Clinic

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology

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28 JUN 2021 SilverArc APN remains open primarily Tuesday, Wednesday,  and Thursday for in person care needs. We generally have 1 or fewer people in the lobby at any one time. We try our best to keep you on time for your appointment. 

Patients presenting at our offices have vulnerabilities, or may have less than complete vaccination status so to insure the safety of all patients and visitors


IF YOU HAVE  A TEMPERATURE, COUGH, OR CHEST PAIN, or recently lost your sense of smell or taste or exhibit andy COVID-19 Symptoms OR have been in contact with someone having COVID-19 

 you must CALL before coming in to the office. 

Current members call the office or the alternative number listed on the voice message to set up a  Telehealth session.

About SilverArc APN

SilverArc APN is a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated practice for integrative and functional care. In this model of care, the focus is on using as many care modalities as needed to meet your healthcare needs.

Paul Kapsar APRN is a Family Nurse Practitioner experienced in family care, internal medicine, emergency care, addiction, pain recovery, and AquaStretch(™).

Integrative Care

Our integrative office brings the skills and knowledge of Kelly Kapsar LMT of Knots Unwound back into the same office again. Kelly has 13+ years as a massage therapist, cranio-sacral therapist, a deep understanding of the chinese meridians, meditation, spirituality, AquaStretch(™) as both a facilitator and instructor. She brings a deep and powerful energy to the practice center.

New Patient Paperwork

Convenient Access

Are you looking for care you can count on?  With easy to access Patient Fusion schedule, you can schedule an appointment with a click of a button.  We also embrace smartphone telehealth technology that brings patients and their caregivers together.  Visits are set at thirty minutes or longer so patients can speak uninterrupted and feel heard, understood and cared for.

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Mission Statement

SilverArc APN believes in treating the whole person - a holistic view of health. Our role is not to "make you better" but work with you to create a plan of care that allows - actually expects - YOU to take a very active part in creating the health path that best meets your needs and life goals.

To provide you as a person with the tools to improve your health and your healthcare practice within your own belief system.  To be responsive to the needs of you as a unique person. To provide sound and clinically relevant educational experiences.  To allow you to safely discuss all aspects of your lifestyle and activities respectfully to ensure all aspects of a significant importance to your overall health and well-being are brought out and included in your health path planning.

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