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As these steps are followed Health and Wholeness manifest
Signature System

Body Work

Our body is the vehicle through which we move through this thing called

Life…our thoughts, beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams are stored and

processed in our body, and it gives us fabulous information about ourselves.


When it shows signs of dysfunction, we can listen and figure out a way
to honor what it is really trying to tell us. CranioSacral Therapy is one of

the best ways to hear our body's side of the story. When functioning properly, our body informs our life through gentle guidance.


"The massage was healing. I could feel her hands pulling the stress from my body. Amazing."      - C.N.

BioMat and Essential Oils


"Like many things in my world, listening has many levels.  My focus is listening to your body."   - Kelly Kapsar


Because of Kelly's intuitive work, she will develop your session unique to your needs using bodywork, essential oils' and the BioMat.  Kelly uses Young Living Essential Oils because of its high quality and consistent product.  She highly recommends daily use, to support Health and Wholeness as both impact physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and chemical function of your being.


To purchase essential oils - Click Here


BioMat "feels like a day at the beach"   This is a mat which is made out of amethyst and creates far infrared waves as well as negative ions.  It penetrates 6-8 inches into the body, so it heals at deep cellular levels.  It is FDA approved for circulation, arthritis and muscle relaxation.  I have found it to be fabulous for sciatic pain, headaches, general body pain and clarity of thought.  This can be utilized in conjunction with a session on the table, or it can be a standalone service. 


$15 single session - 15 minutes | $30 single session - 30 minutes

Call Kelly to Purchase a BioMat - 702.463.7708

... and read about Safari's near death experience and how BioMat was significant during his recovery

Forgiveness & neutrality

I have not observed, in myself or others, that physical healing happens the way we think it should without, especially, forgiving ourselves.  My definition of forgiveness is that I, the situation, and everyone involved has safe passage through my head.

dark chocolate

If we are feeling weary or overwhelmed, we sometimes need a reminder to inspire us.  I find that dark chocolate is one of the tools which works for me. Music, art, beauty in nature and things that make me laugh fit into this category. Things which feed my soul, I also use to celebrate the joys and wins of life.

and other varieties of “…..hyacinths’ to feed the soul”

Daily Practice

Our Being responds when we give it attention……so a daily practice can include stretching, meditation, hydration, rest, inspiring books, movies, music, community, play, any or all of the above.


Your initial investment is generally $1500-$3000 to purchase your own BioMat and get started with the essential oils and your first appointment or two with me.


Your monthly investment starts at about $200 and goes from there...depending on how much you discover and love the oil products.

For More Information Visit
or Call 702.463.7707 to book an appointment