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“It’s all connected” and this can be interpreted in many ways.


I see my work as a triangle or pyramid. 


The base is things that I know, which inform how I show up. These include that the body is self-correcting, that EVERYTHING always supports my highest and best good, that everything is connected and that all pain is real, and that 80% of pain is generally emotional. 

Time after time after time, if you ask a room full of people the question, "what is pain?" the answer is less than 20% physical words, ie sharp, burning, hot poker, deep ache.....the rest of the words are emotional, "I'll be a burden,"  "I'll lose my job, family, home"... 


Unless we address the underlying issues, the physical work is not as effective as we think it should be.


In the middle are the learned skills of bodywork, CranioSacral therapy, Aqua Stretch, essential oils, structural integration.

The top part of the triangle represents the intuitive aspect..... I am a trained listener, physically, energetically and spiritually. I know how to listen to your body's intuition as well as my own intuition. Additionally, I literally perceive things differently.  For example, the sentence "6+18+13=violet" makes sense to me.


That brings us to the apex of the triangle, where the "magic" if you will, happens. This is where I shine the light, guiding the way for your greater yet to be of health, wholeness and connection.

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