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How to love, forgive yourself and increase self care while grieving

We have a lot of things we say to ourselves that put ourselves
down, and we say them, frequently unconsciously, a lot.
Try repeating these four phrases 3-5,000 times a day instead.

I Love You.
I'm Sorry.
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You.

Inside us are parts of our lives and people who take the form of memories and thoughts. Thoughts of should've, could've and what was I thinking. Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer used for healing, transformation, increased inner-peace and self-love. Repeating this prayer a minimum of three times out loud is simple but powerfully leads to bring forgiveness and healing into your life. In Hawaiian culture it is believed that when we choose to not forgive it leads to our body and spirit denying harmony and may cause disease to our body. This prayer means "to make things right."

You can use this prayer to find peace if someone or another situation has caused you pain. You can use this prayer if you feel that you are not worthy because of something in your past or a current situation that you do not know how to handle. Regardless of the situation, make it a daily practice to speak the prayer. We must forgive ourselves as well as others to move forward.