Staying Safe in the Winter

It can be a bit more challenging to stay healthy during the colder months, especially with the temperature dropping outside. We definitely see a rise in colds, flu, and other viruses this time of year. The good news is that there are ways to safeguard both you and your family from illness this winter. Here are some helpful tips:

Tips for Preventing Falls

Snow isn’t the only thing falling these days. When snow and ice creep in, people are more likely to fall, too. Here are some helpful tips to prevent falls and injuries on ice and slippery surfaces:

  • Wear the appropriate snowshoes or boots that offer good traction
  • Make sure all walkways are properly shoveled
  • Keep your hands free so you can maintain your balance
  • Walk like a penguin (keep legs slightly bent while walking flat-footed and slightly forward while shuffling your feet)

Reduce Cold and Flu Risk

While Covid is certainly getting the spotlight these days, you can’t forget that it’s also cold and flu season. To prevent infections from spreading, here are some things to keep in mind,

  • Everyone over 6 months old can and should get the flu vaccine once a year
  • Practice good hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap and water
  • Keep your hands off your face

Maintain a Healthy Diet

'Tis the season for comfort foods; however, many of the foods that we’re consuming during the winter months may not be very healthy and could be contributing to weakened immune systems, gut issues, sleep disturbances, and even mental health problems. If you find yourself feeling a little off, take a look at your current diet. You may find that you could be eating more processed foods high in sugar, salt, and carbs.

Get Regular Exercise

Again, winter may seem like the perfect time to hunker down and binge some Netflix shows, but it’s important that you are staying active. The summertime isn’t the only season with fun sports. Get outdoors and try skiing or ice skating, just make sure you are wearing the appropriate gear to stay warm and safe while outdoors. Staying active can help bolster your immune system and keep you healthy and fit.

Whether you still need to schedule your flu shot, you have questions about the Covid-19 vaccine or you need to schedule a routine physical, call your general practitioner today. Enjoy all the season has to offer while staying healthy.