Why I use the BioMat

Do you wish you had something that always makes things better? I have a tool that does just that! It is called a BioMat. At our office, it has gotten the nickname of "a day at the beach". It has amethyst crystals instead of sand crystals, it has far-infrared waves like from the sun and it creates negative ions like you find near big moving bodies of water. The combination creates a deep healing space mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whenever I have some distress going on, I reach for my BioMats. Whenever I'm feeling good and want to feel better, I reach for my BioMats. I use my professional size one the most. I get on it for all my morning meditations, gratitude practices a

Family Health

Chemicals that have negative effects on the life and health of our family and pets. Chemicals would be best returned to the factory rather

Family Beliefs

On April 20th at 6 pm, I will be leading a workshop on Family, and we will be doing the 7 Generation meditation. It is $25 if you pre-regist

The Care and Feeding of a Healthy Mind

It's February and many of us anticipate Valentine's Day, while some of us dread it, and the balance of us treat it as any other day. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day to express our love to someone. This year, let's think of Valentine's Day as a time to give ourselves love starting with giving ourselves a healthy mind. Last month we talked about having a healthy body and part of that is what you choose to feed your body. Well, you can choose what you "feed" your mind as well. The ideas, thoughts and experiences in your life feed your mind. So what should we "feed" our mind to stay healthy? Our mind is being fed by the media, a lot of which is about negative and/or painful experien

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