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Restore Flexibility
AquaStretch | Las Vegas
Restore Flexibility and Increase Mobility with AquaStretch

Schedule a Session - 702.463.7707

Aqua Stretch

AquaStretch restores flexibility and freedom of movement by releasing micro calcifications which can restrict flow and contribute to tension and discomfort. It increases overall health and wellbeing, increases deep relaxation, and has been observed to improve sleep, vascular function, and cognitive behavior.

This work is done in a pool and uses different depths of water, different weights on your ankles, traction (from Kelly) and your intuitive movement which she follows and enhances.  The combination breaks up adhesions in your connective tissue, or fascia, which allows you greater flow and movement throughout your body.


"I love this work because things that take one to several months to release on the massage

table, can take fewer sessions to release in the water." - Kelly Kapsar    


The reduced gravity of the water leads to lack of compensation patterns, which in turn allows your body to reveal adhesions which aren’t necessarily revealed while on land. This allows you to feel better, faster, very economically. The theory is that since most of us don’t take the complete time we need to recover, we are never able to release the adhesions which are created to protect us from greater injury.  

The release of these adhesions results in more freedom of movement and this freedom lasts-unless we re-injure ourselves.


30 minute session - Tuesdays 2:30pm - 5:30pm

We do AquaStretch in a public pool in Henderson NV. 

Call the office for location and directions.


Check-in at desk, tell them you are there for Aqua Stretch, there is no charge to get in the pool

Therapy lane is at very back of complex, there are locker rooms at the back you can use

Bring swimsuit, towel, lock for lockers, flip flops if you choose, to get between lockers and pool

Please be IN the pool at your scheduled time


After Care - Drink lots of water.  You might have a "January 2" worked out too hard soreness-your body just made some big shifts.  Before bed, if necessary, take your choie of anti-inflammatory i.e. Digestive enzymes, Advil, arnica Montana

Chronic Pain Relief | Las Vegas
AquaStretch | Las Vegas
AquaStretch with Knots Unwound
AquaStretch | Las Vegas
ADHD Autism Treatment

AquaStretch is a versatile application and ideal for chronic pain patients to athletes, pediatrics to geriatrics, and patients with either neuromuscular and/or musculoskeletal conditions.

ALL have benefited from the application of AquaStretch™!

AquaStretch | Las Vegas
AquaStretch | Las Vegas